What Is Something That Should Be Taught In School?


A lot has been said recently about what is something should be taught in school, and this article is going to tell you something you didn't hear before. 

Curious to know? you are at the right place, but before we delve deeper...

I am going to say something that will upset a lot of people but I don't care...

Our entire education system is no longer valuable and in the same breath, society's game plan is completely broken. 

Many things that have been addressed in our educational system are not applicable in this modern world. 

Pretty harsh, isn't it? But yeah, sorry to burst your bubbles but that's the truth. 

Are you still hard to believe this? Okay let me comprehend it and you will understand. 

Just close your beautiful eyes and try to think about this:

How many people don't have a clue about bad eating habits?

How many people are in the midst of more weight?

How many people went from riches to totally bankruptcy?

The number of fellas that complaining about low energy and anxiety? 

The answer is PLENTY. 

How many schools have a solid plan of action that addresses all these? NONE.

Then I rest my case. 

Top 7 Cool Things To Learn About In School

What is something that should be taught in school? Cool things schools should have? If you ever asked about all these, read the next paragraphs for more life gems. 


Are you honestly going to argue about it? basically, you can not. There is a whole generation out there that doesn't even realise that networking can get you into places a degree can't. And, Sadly schools don't have any emphasis on this. 

The ability to form meaningful connections, and have the right bunch of people on your side has been very rare in this modern world, countless people don't have that balls, and if you ask me why? I will say poor educational system. 

When you network with people and start building connections, those connections also connect you with their connections. The opportunities are endless, suggests Network After Work in the article why networking is important. 

How Money Works

When it comes to what is something should be taught in school, you just can't underestimate the aspect of how money works. We are the generation whose financial illiteracy is at a high time higher than at any other time in history. 

The number of people that don't have financial intelligence about how money works, proper ways to save it and how to multiply it is just a mind-blowing stat. It's higher time for this cool stuff to be a part and parcel of school life. 

Only 57% of adults in the United States are financially literate, according to the Milken Institute. While a majority of parents say they are responsible for teaching children about finances says CNBC. Have you seen the pattern?

Emotional Intelligence

Let's be real for a minute, this modern world has got many of us into a life of turbulence and anxiety.

We are at an all-time higher when it comes to divorce, suicides, mass shootings and domestic violence, probably more than any other generation in history. 

And why does it have to be like that? Absence of emotional maturity in countless people. 

Everyone has lost his/her composure. The ability to make sound and sensible decisions is just rare. 

If there is something that should immediately be started be taught in schools should be emotional intelligence. 

We (Schools) need to immediately start teaching this generation about :
  • How to think logically.
  • How to handle rejections.
  • How to remain calm under pressure. 
  • The ability to negotiate peacefully.

The Upside Of Being Jacked

I know this is going to be unpopular but I don't care, but the benefits of getting more tanned and jacked should really start to be taught in schools. Masses have to be educated about the importance of lifting weights and building up their physique. 

It really baffles me to see we have a whole generation out there that has been taking working out a routine for granted. People don't do exercises, they just spend their entire lives endlessly scrolling, Netflixing and playing video games. 

Once we will start teaching our kids and society that the upside of getting jacked is endlessly for mental and physical aspects then half of a battle is won. We will highly diminish lifestyle diseases, anxiety, and depression cases.

The Power Of Saying No

How powerful someone becomes after mastering the art of saying No is really not getting spoken enough in our societies. We are not teaching our people this art and as a result, they all end up being losers in real life. 

Schools' curricula should start prioritizing this art more than ever before, they should impart these skills so that we can have more competent, confident and powerful individuals in our societies. Saying No is an important life skill one should have. 

"Saying no is very vital, suggests Shatakshi, she continues, it helps you to establish healthy boundaries and enable others to have clarity about what they should expect from you" Hang in there!

How To Take Risks

What is something that should be taught in school? The art of risk-taking. Nothing less, nothing more.  

Listen, we are now living in a world that constantly promotes complacency and maximum comfort. 

People have become way too lazy probably more than at any other time in history. 

Am I jealous? No, just look around and you will get my point. 

Countless people have got fear of the unknown. 

They fear to open businesses, they are scared to quit their 9-5 jobs, hesitate to transform their diets... You get the idea!

Who is to get blamed? School systems. 

How? Well, they have been designed to create more thinkers than doers. 

This has to stop, immediately. We must restructure our educational systems and create so many risk-taking individuals who won't play it safe anymore. 

Closing Message:

When it comes to what is something should be taught in schools always there have more contradictory opinions, everyone can propose what they like for whatever reasons but at least this tried to give you what is really needed based on the current environment.