How To Get Over A Breakup For Teenage Guys (Updated 2022)

Let's stop for a second and talk about how to get over a breakup for teenage guys. 

I'm sick to my stomach seeing countless teenagers on the planet crushing their souls and losing their minds after things go south.

It doesn't have to be that way. Really it doesn't. 

Let me tell you something that will help you dramatically in life. 

Would you pay attention to that? 

Okay, well keep reading...

Listen. We are only 20% done with this century, there is lots of more fun still ahead. 

Expecting a breakup and getting up with your normal life is something you should always be flexible as a guy. This is a dark reality of the game. 

Being in a relationship and don't have even a single thought about the breakup is like watching a titanic and expecting it won't sink. 

In the next subsections, you are going to learn the proven secrets that you as a guy must always employ after you have encountered your breakup. I am talking about winning strategy here. 

6 Tips On How to Win A Breakup For Guys

Are you a teenage guy hunting for tips on how to get over a breakup?  if you answered yes, then dig in. Apply these tips in this article and put the odds in your favour.  

Accept that It Happened

I'm not sure if you are aware, but accepting the entire fact that you are no longer with that person is truly a game-changer when it comes to getting over a breakup. The best way to win a war is to accept losing the battle sometimes. 

There is no downside to this strategy, all upsides. Accept it's over and leave your damn mind totally free. It's not a sign of weakness, it shows you have matured as a person.  That's how you can heal and grow. You can put a price on that. 

"When you accept a breakup, you're simply recognizing reality. You're seeing the end of your relationship clearly and honestly." Suggests Laurie On Its article How Do You Accept A Breakup You Didn't Want.

Reassess Yourself 

This is the name of the game when it comes to how to win a breakup for teenage guys. Reassessing yourself is what you should really do after things went south. Sit clearly, meditate and see where things went wrong and what caused it. 

It's so disheartening seeing teenage guys keep on jumping trains, it doesn't work like that. Rushing onto a new relationship without having proper feedback on the previous ones will always get you stuck. Take a deep breath and chill

"Reassessing ourselves after a breakup is a major component to finding closure and becoming healthy again for the next relationship while developing an even stronger and renewed sense of self. " Says Metta Psychology Group.

Invest In Yourself

I have said it once and I will say it again, the future is not for those who always keep on complaining and whining when things get tough, it is for those who can clearly step up and do what is really needed to become the best version of themselves. 

Investing in yourself unapologetically is what you should really need to do as a teenage guy. It's about outdoing yourself and pushing those boundaries. Stop getting locked inside, go out and train yourself to become a true monster. 

Here is an entire blueprint. Hit the gym, do mediation, and do yoga plus read those self-help books. The downside to this? None. The upside? Plenty. You will become more handsome, tanned and wiser than you have ever been. 

Disconnect Frequently

Yes, you have read it right. Disconnecting from all hurt sources is what you should really do if you want to decode the entire matrix. Using social media strategically, avoiding his/her favourite places, quit watching her stuff is a must. 

One pattern I have noticed about struggling teenage guys is that they always don't disconnect properly from those hurt sources. This is not how you should behave properly if you want to Restart Your Life After A Breakup

I have been in the dating industry for about 6 years and the best advice am always giving my clients is to just disconnect from their exes and channel their focus on other things. Those who implement end up winning, and those who don't get tanked. 

Don't Seek Revenge

This happens often, after a breakup you find that a person starts dating multiple partners, flexing on social media for no reason, creating unnecessary tension with his ex. My response? A childish move. You should not do that. 

Take this from someone who is in his mid-30s, During my lifetime on this planet, I have never seen anyone win a breakup battle with revenging strategy. They always end up emotional tanked. Sorry to burst your bubbles but that's the truth. 
"It turns out, by plotting or even actually getting revenge on an ex, we make it that much more difficult for ourselves to move on" 

Psychology Today.  

Seek Help If Needed

I'm going to tell you a secret that is going to help you tremendously with dating. Listen carefully. There is no shame in seeking help if you found things are getting out of hand. Don't listen to anyone who tells you about hiding

Let's be honest, some breakups really hit home sometimes, they will leave you very heartbroken and emotionally exhausted. Trying to hold on is maximizing the suffering. Go outside and see people who can salvage your soul. 

"Breakups cause us pain. They hurt. It’s tempting to just try to push through the hurt and get to the other side." Suggests Well Clinic at San Francisco. It continues "We need to process those feelings and resolutions in order to move forward in a healthy way." 

Closing Message:

The whole idea of how to get over a breakup for teenage guys has always been getting so much attention lately. We are pretty sure once you will properly execute what we have managed to explain here then half of a battle is won.