Why Am I such A Loser With No Friends (Updated 2022)

Lonely and depressed...

Literally, nobody wants to be your friend. 

You're just a laughing stock. Your life is full of mess. 

Everything productively you are trying to do fails. Nothing happens.

No goals, no purpose, You are vibrating at a lower frequency than ever before. 

Are you feeling this way? Have these thoughts ever crossed your mind? 

If you've been feeling worthless and doubting your potential, you are not alone.

I get this feeling.

I have been there before, it's like being in a house of terrors. SCARY!

The reason you are a loser with no friends might be because of, comparing yourself to others, victim mindset, don't exercise, constant playing it safe and paying attention to people's opinions.  

Still unclear? Okay, well. Before we delve into much detail,

Let's be clear about something first, 

Having no friends might not be a bad thing, sometimes solitude matters, what's scarier is when you are feeling alone and a loser. 

With that being said, this article is for those who feel lonely, worthless and alone at the same time. 

The idea that we are going to address in detail will dramatically restore back winning mentality, boost the social circle and elevate personal growth. 

Reason Why You're Such A Loser With No Friends

You Are Comparing Yourself To Others

I am going to say something real that will upset a lot of people, comparing yourself to others is the number one ticket when it comes to being a loser and lonely. Comparison is the death of energy, dreams and success. Re-read.

Look, comparing yourself to others is futile since you don't know what they have been through, the only thing to compare is with you of yesterday. You will always feel depressed, lonely and unorganized if you will rely on the comparison. 

When it comes to What Makes Someone A Loser "Research has found that comparing breeds feelings of envy, low-self confidence, and depression, as well as compromises our ability to trust others." Suggests Huff Post

You Always Play Victim Mindset

This is the name of the game when it comes to why am I a loser with no friends agenda, victim mindset is what makes you a loser, having that mindset is like running with a parachute. You can't win this game called life with such a mentality. 

I have said this before and I will say it again that, a victim mindset can't make you a victor in life, it will just diminish your capability of being accountable and making major moves. You will always negative view of life. 

A victim mindset is the enemy of ambition. "The victim mindset will have you dancing with the devil, then complaining that you are in hell" Suggests Dr Steve Maraboli. 

You're Constant Playing It Safe

"Why am I such a loser with no friends" it's because you playing it safe.

This is the dark reality of the game. 

Staying in your comfort zone will always leave you unsatisfied, lonely and depressed. Nobody wants to sit with a loser. Full stop

The reason you are not a highly valued person comes down to that. Life needs someone who constantly does not settle for less, you are not. 

Being a winner and somebody in this life you need to embrace the boredom of consistency and risk-taking. 

"When we play it safe, it means we're not willing to win our game of life. Our ability to take risks will depend on how often we take them." Says Neel Raman

You're Not Working out

However silly it may sound to some people but trust me, the absence of a solid working out routine is the important piece of a puzzle when it comes to why you are such a loser with no friends. This is not debatable.  

Your inability to prioritize exercises like lifting weights and other cardio are what makes you fat, underweight and depressed being. Whoever tells you exercises are not necessary for being a winner is lying to you. 

Listen, activities like hitting the gym are what boost your confidence level, give you a sense of purpose & you a very nice physique and increase your social value. 

What to do when you have absolutely no friends?

1. Work On Your Sense of Humour

This one is important. Fixing your social skills is very vital when it comes to how to win friends. 

You gotta start smiling often, be more positive and be more approachable. 

As I have said, nobody wants to get associated with a robot. Stay social. 

Another important thing is you have to start learning how to talk with a stranger. 

If done correctly this will skyrocket your social capital dramatically more than you could have ever imagined. 

2. Go Outside

Going to be brutally honest here, you will always feel lonely and depressed until you will start going out frequently and connect. Nothing less nothing more. Go out, get some life and make friends, that's how winning is done. 

One pattern I have noticed among winners is that they always take adventures, create some meaningful connections and get some life, they hardly stay indoors Netflixing and gaming all day. The sooner you discover this the better. 

"Anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues can be eased by spending time outside. Studies have shown being outdoors lowered levels of cortisol" Suggests Wp Hospital.

3. Get Tanned & Jacked

Call me old school but hitting the gym and working on your appearance is how you can easily win friends and influence people. Looks do matter when it comes to influencing and the only way through is through lifting weights. 

It happened to me, I was deadly lonely and depressed and once I hit the gym my entire story changed, I become handsome, full of confidence and my social net worth skyrocketed dramatically. You better do that as well. 

Closing Message:

The whole mission of this article was to help you elevate your social skills and personal growth to the next level. We have successfully managed to explain in detail what hinders someone's progress and how to break the circle, if implemented correctly why am I such a loser with no friends will automatically disappear.