How To Restart Your Life After A Breakup (Science Explained)

The worst feeling ever on the planet?  

Losing someone you deeply admire.

Trust me on this one, this feeling is second to none.

It is like hitting a solid rock with your bare soft foot. Throbbing!

Seeing someone terrorizing your soft heart apart is really depressing. 

Those who failed to handle this traumatized experience ended up getting tanked with life while those who get used to this always carry up their broken pieces and stand up once again. 

It's really hard for sure, it takes a bold heart to accept this and reorganise your next moves. But trust me, it is possible. 

How? Keep on reading. The next few paragraphs will teach you the proven ways how you can entirely restart your whole life after a breakup and see the tunnel light again. 

Finding yourself after a breakup (6 Tips)

Here are the 5 proven tips you can use to restart your life after a breakup, Those who implemented these easily rebuild themselves and receive new life.  

Accept The Entire Situation

Listen. This is where the whole game has been played. 

You just have to accept the entire situation and keep on playing your cards right. 

Take a deep breath and accept it happened. So what? Let it be. 

Did he/she say doesn't like me? Well. Life still has plenty to offer. 

One pattern I have noticed about happy people is that they don't take things personally. 

Once they discovered they are not needed anymore they just accept the situation and organize their next moves. Have got no time for grudges.

I'm not sure if you are aware, but accepting the situation that the person you used to admire is not in your inner circle anymore will give you so much power and mindset freedom. 

You will have much time to restart your life rather than complaining and whining unnecessarily. Acceptance is the crucial step in healing. 

Take Some Time Apart

And this is very crucial when it comes to how to restart your life after a breakup. 

You don't want to jump on the next train after the one leaves you. It doesn't work that way. 

The best thing you can do? Chill and don't rush the process. You gotta give yourself enough time to heal. It's not a competition. 

Giving yourself enough time will save you from so many troubles. It will help you in the decision-making process. 

You will be in a much better position of deciding what is next for you and what you have learned from the last one. Don't listen to anyone, it helps. 

It baffles me to see so people rush to create another relationship after they bounced without giving themselves enough time, this is hustling backwards. 

According to Healthline, giving yourself enough time matters since can help you avoid falling into harmful patterns of emotional turbulences. 

Don't Seek Revenge

Confusing right? I will explain since most can't comprehend. After your breakup, don't ever make your moves for the sake of retaliation. This will be your downfall. 

You are not supposed to rush in looking for the next partner to balance the equation. You are not qualified to cheat back if he/she did that. You are better than that. 

Call me old school but those who seek revenge always end up losing the plot. Revenge will highly manipulate you, drain your soul and make you a total loser in the end.  

The best revenge? Silence

"According to Psychology Today. People who intentionally try to move on and let things go end up feeling better than people who try to get revenge." (Elite Daily)

Disconnect From Those Hurt Sources

Talking about moving on is not enough when it comes to how to restart your life after a breakup. Disconnecting from those hurt sources is. Avoiding those mental triggers scenes will dramatically make you very stronger person. 

Does your Ex-partner want to post frequently on social media? Unplug from seeing all of his/her stuff. Does your ex-partner prefers going to certain clubs and beaches, don't show up over those places. I know this may not be easy but you should. 

The truth is once you will disconnect over those hurt sources, you will exponentially improve your peace of mind, and heal faster and your brain subconsciously will start giving you the best options on what is best for you. 

Invest in yourself

Don't listen to anyone, investing in yourself is the nicest move on how to get over a breakup when nothing was wrong. It's about levelling up in life. Seriously creating some solid routines that will make you an amazing person. 

Instead of complaining, you can enrol yourself on the local gym and start lifting weights, and doing meditation on a daily basis. These activities will improve your life ten times better and maximize your chances of dating someone out of your league. 

Improving yourself will easily uplift your social card and it will make it easier for you to have the best partner of your choice due to the capabilities of having so many options. How to Make Your Life More Exciting? invest in yourself. 

See If You Can Get Help

Let's face it, all breakups are not the same. Some really hit home. They might leave you totally emotionally exhausted. I get it, it's a part of the equation. If it happens to be like that, all you have to do is to seek help at once. 

Researches say that going to therapy may help enhance this post-traumatic growth. Seeking help from the right individuals is a very important step when it comes to the healing process. A therapist can successfully guide you and navigate your way to a new adventure. 

Closing Message:

As a person, you should always get prepared for unexpected life events. Keeping your composure and learning to make sensible decisions in life will in many ways save you from so many life's troubles. This article managed to give you some strategies of what to do when it comes to how to restart your life after a breakup. We hope you can learn a thing or two.