How To Make My Boyfriend Feel Special On His Birthday Long Distance

We are in an era where long-distance relationships are at an all-time high than in any other time in history. It has been very normal for couples to share their intimacy and affections some million miles away. 

Let's face it, long distances are somehow hard to handle but that doesn't mean impossible. Those who have mastered important catalysts to make them tick always enjoy things there, those who are not always get tanked. 

Are you a woman hunting for tips and advice on how to make your boyfriend feel special and melt his heart on his birthday despite a long distance? 

If you answered yes, then dig in. 

Recently, we have seen a huge spike online on the agenda concerning how to make a boyfriend feel special on his birthday long-distance. 

The number of people looking for a magic pill is just mind-blowing. 

But let me tell you this,

Making your boyfriend feel special on his special day despite a long distance is not even rocket science as some of you might think. 

As a coach who specializes in women's issues,  I have devoted my time and energy to discovering different proven dating hacks that have helped countless women on their way to unlocking men's hearts and minds, effortlessly. 

In the next few paragraphs, I am going to give you some proven creative tricks that you can apply and steal his all attention. 

Unique Long distance birthday Countdown ideas

Make A Romantic Video Call

This is one of the important pieces of a puzzle when it comes to how to make your boyfriend feel special on his birthday. Does this sound good to be true? fair enough, but trust me, I'm not making this up. It's been proven that. 

Listen, it is very obvious that your man will have many video calls from different angles of the world, yours has really to be different. It has to have all romantic gems that will melt his heart and make him feel loved and appreciated

"The major upside to today's technology is that you can have video chats instead of just regular phone calls. Giving you a stronger sense of connection and intimacy" suggests Better Help.

Send Him A Surprising Gifts

Firstly, I have to say this, being in a long-distance relationship one has got to be super creative, Things will hardly work out if there will be no sense of creativity in there. You just can't make it work by playing it safe, you simply can't. 

The most effective way How to Make Him Feel Special in A Long Distance Relationship is to send him his very favourite thing as a surprise gift. Find something cool he likes then send it to him on that day. It could be a very nice T-shirt, a decent pair of shoes or a classic watch

Let me tell you this, one pattern I have noticed about those healthy long-distance relationships is this, partners always take advantage of this strategy (Surprise gifts). They really make things awesome!

A long distance boyfriend feel special opening a gift

Appreciate Him Online

I know this may sound cliche but trust me it really works when it comes to how to make my boyfriend special on his birthday long-distance agenda. We are now living in social media era, and posting him will send some positive signals

Appreciating his presence in your life through your social media presence like WhatsApp, Instagram and Tik Tok will in many ways melt his heart and send a message to his subconscious mind that you are the one to be kept. 

New US research has found that including your partner in your social media posts can increase feelings of intimacy and satisfaction, Suggests  Jakarta Post in Including your partner in social media posts could be a brilliant idea.

Teach Him How To Cook 

I am going to tell you something that will tremendously help you with making your long-distance boyfriend feel special and listen to me very carefully, teaching him how to cook his favourite meal through a video call is one of the ways. 

Arrange everything in place, let him follow you through and guide him on the process. Make the whole process interesting to the point of making him feel more inclusively. I have never something powerful like this in creating intimacy

So teaching your partner how to cook his favourite meal is among those iconic long distance birthday video ideas. Doing it properly is how you put the entire odds in your favour, effortlessly. 

Create A Romantic Playlist For Him

I am telling you this right now, creating a romantic playlist for your boyfriend on his birthday is truly a game-changing experience. You just go to Spotify, create a very romantic playlist and share it with him. This is a dark secret of the game. 

All you have to do is very simple, select those amazing songs that both of you admire and let him enjoy his wonderful day with them.  Would you want me to pick some for you? Uh okay, No air (Jodin Spark), With You (Chris Brown), Essence by wizkid and many more!

Research has shown that listening to these songs will remind you of each other more, and he will feel more connected to you despite million miles of separation.

Watch A Movie Together

Men will rarely admit this but giving them good memories like this will always be a top-tier feeling for them. Finding a nice romantic movie and creating an online watching session is how you decode the matrix on how to make my boyfriend feel special on his birthday long-distance. 

It's about making him feel special on his special day, nothing less nothing more. Watching a movie, posing it and discussing it is really game-changing. This has been well addressed in 5 Things That Make A relationship Work

List Of Worthy Long Distance Movies (Lasting The Distance)
  • Before sunrise.
  • Like crazy.
  • You have got mail.
  • Dear John

Closing Message:

When it comes to how to make my boyfriend feel special on his birthday long-distance agenda we are pretty sure that this article in many ways has got you covered. If you will sit down and execute what we have discussed there is no way you can lose this. Guaranteed