How To Get Over A Breakup When Nothing Was Wrong (Explained)

Fairytales teach folks about lovey-dovey... 

Partners are in the deepest sea of intimate love, everything works perfectly. 

No sort of turbulence, good times every time. The best times ever. 

But as you grow up, you realise that love is not as simple as that. 

In the real world, being in love with someone means you have decided to walk in a leap of faith. 

It's like deciding to take an exam, some pass some fail. That's how things work. 

Call me old school, but being in love means one has to get prepared for a break-up at any time t!

And let's face it, getting punched in the face unexpectedly by someone you love, really hits home. 

Getting signals that you are no longer needed anymore might be the hardest thing ever. 

As a dating coach, I have seen countless folks mentally exhausted after getting dumped. It really needs a special mindset to get over this. 

How to get over a breakup when nothing was wrong? 

How do you recover from a breakup you didn't want? 

If you ever asked yourself all these, this article has got you covered. 

The next few lines will give you an exact blueprint you need to follow to get your life on a positive trajectory. 

6 Tips On How To Deal With A Breakup Alone

Get Used To It

Accepting the entire situation that "Yeah, it has happened and life has to go on" is the name of the game when it comes to how to get over a breakup when nothing was wrong. You can't argue with nature, it might be a total waste f time. 

I have seen countless people rubbing their heads over the walls trying to reverse the trend and I ended up shaking my head at how backwards that strategy is. Listen, once your partner decided to move without any problems let it be

Accepting to move over a breakup you didn't want might be the nicest move for you, Like Dr Tricia Wolanin said, Don’t bargain, don’t wish it had played out differently and let yourself begin to accept the enormity of what happened.

Stay Away From The Hurt Sources

I know this may sound cliche but trust me it works, the best thing to do when it comes to this is to stay away from those hurt sources. Disconnecting from his/her favourite places, and inner circles, it is not a selfish move, self-love. 

Staying away matters in the sense that it will skyrocket your healing process dramatically. Keep seeing his/her stuff will in many ways leave you jealous and exhausted. You are better than that. Let that person flex blindly. 

It baffles me to see some partners keep following their Exes every step of the way, once he/she decided to move, do follow the trend, reverse and keep yourself away from those hurt sources. 

Invest In Yourself Unapologetically 

Did you ask how to get over a breakup when nothing was wrong? Invest in yourself. Full stop. 

Listen, you are not supposed to quickly jump into another train once the one left you. 

All you have to do is to kate a deep breath and start over. That's how winning is done. 

One of the nicest moves you could ever make is to start investing in yourself unapologetically. It's about looking after yourself and improving from all angles. 

Instead of locking yourself in your room and crying all day, do the opposite. Hit the gym and start lifting weights, prioritizing reading good books and doing meditation frequently. These activities pay the highest dividends. 

Focus On The Positives

This is straight forward as it gets, you gotta shift your entire focus on the brighter side. While others whine and complain when things go the south, you should be different. See goods in bad things. You will never lose with this mentality.

Did he/she say doesn't want you anymore? Be optimistic. Train your mind to see good in every situation. It could be much worse if it didn't happen. Let it be and prosper. 

Tips to Stay Positive after a breakup (Inspiring Tips)
  • Try something new.
  • Revamp your room. 
  • Volunteer for a course.
  • Have a social media detox. 

Never Seek Revenge

This is the name of the game when it comes to how to get over a breakup when nothing was wrong.  The moment you seek revenge instead of investing in yourself is when the game is over. If I could, I would tattoo this on your palm.

It baffles me to see countless people rushing for revenge when things go south. Trying to date multiple men/women, Flexing on social media trying to portray everything is okay, Frequently going to clubs all these are just to flex, BIG mistake. 

According to Psychology Today. People who intentionally try to move on and let things go end up feeling better than people who try to get revenge. The reason is that revenge keeps bad feelings in our heads.

Have A Social Media Detox

I am going to tell you something that will help you how to get over a breakup when nothing was wrong, Doing a social media detox and frequently limiting your social media use until the wound heals a bit is a life hack.

Staying out of cheap dopamine activities for a while might be a very nice move you could ever make. Blocking all the noises and his/her new lifestyle flexing will ten times maximize our inner peace

"If someone is struggling through a breakup and fixated on their ex, staying actively engaged in the relationship through social media will make it harder to move forward and the recovery will take longer" Suggests Dr Cortney Warren

Takeaway Message:

This whole idea of how to get over a breakup when nothing is wrong seemed to confuse countless people, But if you have managed to read between the lines we are pretty sure you will have a maximum position of putting all the odds in your favour. Hang in there!