What Makes Someone A Loser: And How To Decode The Matrix

What makes someone a loser? 

Let me tell you something you might not like to hear.

 Are you ready for that? Okay, well. 

This world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place, It will beat you to your knees and keep you there for life if you will let it. 

That's one thing, the second thing is this. This life is all about making choices and taking risks, playing it safe gets you nowhere but stuck. 

The sure way to fail in this life is to decide to stay in your comfort zone and pick being a loser. It will make your entire life miserable and will drag you into a very dangerous grave. 

Being a loser comes down to a number of things such as: Over complaining, Fear to take risks, paying attention to people's opinions and Living in the past. Those who keep entertaining these stuff always end up living miserable lives. 

Mentioning those key points on what makes someone a loser won't squarely solve the matter, it's time to dive into many details and explain them one by one with some possible solutions there. 

What Makes A Man A Loser (Losers Mentality)

Over Complaining

I'm absolutely baffled by how countless people decided to choose complaining as their key strategy in life. This generation is a laughing stock. Everyone complains instead of trying to fix something and take accountability

Listen, complaints won't do any good to your life, rather than make you a victim and rob you of your peace and energy. Instead of it, pick yourself up, and spend that time taking action. You will get so much further in life, Guaranteed. 

Red Auerbach had a quote that said "Winners train, losers complain. Give me twelve players that want to win and they will find a way to win."  In the article Why Do I Feel Worthless And Unwanted this is well discussed. 

Living In The Past

You can't underestimate this when it comes to what makes someone a loser. It is the name of the game. Living in the past turned countless into laughing stocks. They are all living miserable lives due to this bad strategy. It just doesn't work.

This bad mental habit will always drain your mental health and block you from making those major moves in life. Those who live in the past can never have a bright future, we can't emphasize this enough. UNPLUG.

If you want to decode the entire matrix then the formula is pretty simple, stop living in the past and dedicate your entire time and energy to the present. Choosing to live in the present will bring you pace and many possible solutions. 

Fear To Take Risks

Let's be realistic here, nothing makes someone a total loser than this. You have probably asked yourself so many times, why some people are living miserable lives? the truth is they feared paying the price of freedom, which is risk-taking. 

Once you fear taking some risks in life you will fall into a trap of living in complacency. That state will make you vulnerable to miseries and other mediocrity. End result? Becoming a loser. I know it hurts to say this but that's how the truth is. 
"Only those who play win. Only those who risk win. Only those who risk win. History favours risk takers. Forgets the timid. Everything else is commentary" Iveta Cherneva

Paying Attention To People's Opinions 

What someone a loser instantly? Caring about other people's opinions. Confusing, right? I will explain since most can't comprehend. When you give too much credence to other people's opinions you are basically telling your true self to lock. 

I have seen countless people into very deep self-esteem crises due to this, they became slaves to other people's opinions and their constant looking for external validations made them run out of gas, quickly. Avoid it like a plague. 

Listen, not caring about other people's opinions and staying in your own lane is one of the highest ROI activities you can do. It will make you self independent, free, confident and ambitious person. They don't teach you this in schools.

Paying Much Attention To News

The thing women and women have yet to learn is that paying too much attention to the news has turned countless people into modern-day zombies. News has made them be in constant fear and misinformed. Losing mentality. 

Instead of investing their precious time in finding some life-changing solutions, they end up being a cheap market for fears and useless breaking news. It took me over 513 days to discover this secret, and I never looked back. 

Lawrence King has a quote that says " I stopped watching the news 4 years ago. I am no less informed than I was before, But I am far less angry and manipulated" 

Hanging With Toxic People

Are you honestly going to argue about that? What makes someone a loser? I am dead confident you can't. Hanging with people who have zero goals and aspirations in life is a sure way of losing this life battle and becoming a loser in a matter of seconds. 

Hanging with toxic people will do more harm than good to your mental and physical health. How can you win if all of your circle constantly discussing celebrity dramas, politics and Netflixing all day long? Impossible. 

This is how you break the entire circle. Pick positive people and make sure a bunch of your friends discuss finance, cryptos, mental health and investing. That's how winning is done. 

Not Having An Exercising Routine

Men and women should know this, once you neglect working out on a daily basis you automatically choose to be a loser. There are no two ways about it. Having a backward mindset about exercises like lifting weights and others is a loser mentality. 

Many youths don't understand this paradox but believe me it's real. Neglecting working out will make you physical and mentally weak in a way that you could never imagine. This is very vital in How To Live A Meaningful Life

Quit sitting on the sidelines, start lifting weights, and don't skip yoga and meditations. These activities will pay you the highest dividends and will make you a more progressive individual who doesn't settle for less than you truly deserve. 

Closing Message:

I am certainly sure you can't underestimate the importance of this amazing article on what makes someone a loser and some proven steps on how you can decode the entire matrix. What has been discussed inside is legit and with the proper amount of actions, there is no way you can't win this. Good luck!