My Life Is So Boring And Lonely: Reasons & How To Spark It

 "My life is so boring and lonely. I can't seem to do anything right" 

Have you ever felt that way? Have these thoughts ever crossed your mind?

If you have experience boredom and loneliness, trust me you are not alone. The modern world tanked countless people recently, costing their mental and physical health in a very dramatic fashion. Feeling low about life can happen to anyone, what matters most is how we respond. 

It happened to me at one point in time, my self-confidence crumbled, my peace of mind shook and my social confidence went into a serious crisis. Struggled a little bit but I never give up. I explored the root cause of a problem and rose up. 

Listen, my intention in this article is to give you the possible reasons as to why you might feel worthless and some proven techniques for how you can deal with it. After reading these I sincerely nothing will be the same for you. 

Possible Reasons Why You Feel Bored And Lonely

The first step to beating the feeling of boredom and loneliness is to understand the critical cause of the situation. Having proper clues about reasons half of a battle is won. Let's explore one by one to get a bigger picture. 

1. You Are Not Exercising

You are inability to exercise your body frequently might be the very possible reason why you are not enjoying your entire life.  In a world of more turbulence and noise staying in your best shape is the first prerequisite to staying organized. 

Your excuses for working out seriously hinder your mental well being, leaving you weak and depressed.  I have never seen anyone complaining about boredom and loneliness while working out. I am telling you the truth. 

" The absence or reduction of Physical exercises has been associated with an increased risk of mental disorders such as anxiety and depression." (

2. You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

People really need to educate themselves about the downside of not getting enough sleeping hours. We are now at a time the sleeping deprivation cases have been at a higher time than at any other time in history. SCARY!

Look, you will always keep on stressing "My life is boring and lonely" unless you will start having a serious routine on your sleeping schedule. I know it may sound harsh but I didn't write this article to cuddle you. 

The thing women and men have yet to learn is that a lack of enough sleep can seriously affect your mood significantly. It always leads to much anger and diminishes your mental ability to cope with stress

3. You Care Too Much About Others Opinions

Jay, my life is so boring and lonely. Yes, it has to be. Your inability to detach yourself from people's opinions will always cost your entire mental health. In the article, Why Is Life So Boring And Pointless this is well covered. 

Once you care too much about others' opinions, you become a slave to them and they will start manipulating you in a very dramatic fashion. And guess what? You get stuck. You will start experiencing some identity crises and the inability to make some independent decisions.  

Ed Sheeran once said "I can't tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone" I can't emphasize that enough. 

4. You Are Still Living In The Past

What most people don't seem to realize is that living in the past will negatively affect their mental health in a way they can never imagine. You can't keep thinking about what happened far back and expect to have mental peace, never. 

Constantly living with the past memory keep you in a complacency zone, turning you into a victim and hindering your ability to make major moves in life. "My life is so boring and lonely"? Detach from the past.  

How can I stop being bored and lonely? (Coping Mechanisms)

Having low taste in life is something that can be easily changed, once one decides to do so. In the next few paragraphs, I am going to give you some proven techniques that you can use to make it more interesting and meaningful. 

Hit The Gym 5x A Week

I have said it once and I will say it again here, there are no magic pills when it comes to killing boredom and laziness than hitting the gym. Lifting weights at least 4-5 times a week is how you kill your inner demons and take back control. 

I'm telling you right now, that once you will start lifting weights it will dramatically impact your mental and physical health respectively. You will be in the best shape of your life, gain some enormous confidence and above all restore back your sense of purpose. 

Get Enough Sleeping Hours 

The title pretty much says it all, the only proper way to get rid of your "My life is so boring and lonely" agenda is to start prioritizing your sleeping hours like nobody's business. You gotta make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep

The modern world has dramatically changed our sleeping routines in very negative ways due to the over excessive use of its technological gadgets, the best way to decode the matrix is to frequently disconnect and respect our sleeping schedule

Once you will start prioritizing quality sleep it will exponentially improve your mental health, impact your mood and gives you extra energy during the day. You can clearly see this in the article How To Overcome Boredom And Loneliness

Ignoring Other People's Opinions

How can I stop being bored and lonely? Ignoring people's opinions is the name of the entire game. Once you will start living up to your potential, making decisions based on how you feel and not about them the whole new world will open before you. 

Those who have zero regards for others' opinions are always living interesting lives and you will never hear the phrase my life is so boring and lonely out of their mouths. The 'don't give a fck mentality always gives them mental peace. 

Steve Maraboli was pretty right once said "Don't let other people's opinions distort your reality. Be true to yourself. Be bold in pursuing your dreams. Be unapologetically you."

Closing Message:

Having the right information about how to beat boredom and loneliness is a very necessary thing in this century of turbulence and disturbances. Once you understand what you should the chance of overcoming is nearly a hundred per cent. Read between the lines and the thoughts about my life is so boring and lonely will easily disappear.