My Crush Likes Someone Else and it Hurts: (5 Ways To Cope)

A lonely partner after found her crush loves someone else

Yeah, I get it...

And I know how frustrating it is. 

You love someone and don't reciprocate that same energy. 

Listen. I have been in the dating industry for about 6 years and trust me when I say this...

The number of clients that are looking for my service concerning their crushes affairs is mind-blowing.

 "Sorry, Jay...Umm, tears!! My crush likes someone else and it hurts...Tears again.."

These kinds of sad stories have been very common in my office recently. 

And guess what? I am not surprised at all. 

Things like these happen. And you can't ignore them. 

I have been always saying this, love is like a war. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose it. It's a part of the equation.

When you win you feel happy and when you lose you feel like it's you against the world. Everything stands still.

Okay, well let's not talk too much, let's now get down into business and see what needs to be done when your crush loves someone else. 

And in this article, I am going to teach you the sequence of moves you need to make to stand out and put the odds in your favour. 

My Crush Likes Someone Else What Should I Do

If you ever asked yourself this kind of question then this awesome article is for you, In the next few paragraphs, I am going to give you the best way forward when it comes to your crush loving somebody else. Sit back and take some notes. 

1. Accept The Entire Situation

Yes, there I said it. The best thing you can absolutely do when your crush likes someone else is to accept the entire situation, no matter what. We call that maturity in its purest form. You gotta accept it and keep your composure. 

However silly it may sound to some people but trust me there is nothing more beneficial than accepting the fact and seeing if there are best alternatives rather than panicking. I have seen countless people lose their composure which is not right. 

The truth is you can't argue with nature. Those who keep fighting with it all end up losing the entire battle. Once you accept the situation, your mind opens to more possibilities which eventually could help you to go through this. 

2. Start Investing In Yourself

This one is very important, once you have found that the person you used to like he/she likes someone else the best way you can do is to serious starting investing in yourself. Those who keep complaining and whining always losing everything. 

Trust me, no feeling can be better than the feeling of investing in yourself, it always pays the highest dividends. It will improve your entire life dramatically (Health, Mind and Finance). But, how do you do that? Well, its very simple:
  • Start hitting the gym.
  • Learn a bankable skill.
  • Practice meditation and yoga. 
  • Improve your social skills often.
There is no downside to all these. Once done properly they are going to make you a higher worth person and you will start to attract quality crushes every time. 

A beautiful woman working out outside

3. Limit The Screen Time (Social Media)

The title pretty much says it all. But I will reiterate just in case you might have missed it. Limit the excessive use of your smartphone, this is especially when your crush spends most of his/her time there. Disconnect. 

And the reason for this is very simple, you don't want to get distracted every time you see his/her stuff there, for your mental peace.  The sooner you discover this the better. Most of our modern-day problems are created online. UNPLUG.

Once you will start to have a serious limitation on screen time, you will start to have less anxiety and negative thoughts. You will have room for other kinds of stuff and eventually, it will get back to normal. I can guarantee you that. 

4. Try Him/Her Again

Don't listen to anyone who says you should easily give up once you found your crush likes someone else. You gotta push your boundaries and try as much as you can. It's a survival of the fittest world, those who are brave enough, win. 

The truth is that to win someone's heart sometimes you need to knock on the door as much as you can. Trust me, It works when it comes to How To Make Your Crush Notice You If You Are Shy you will start to get recognized and get the attention. 

My message to you is very simple, don't be a quitter, learn to play the long term games and employ a wide range of tactics to make him/her tick. 

A woman trying to impress his crush on video call

5. Never Lose Your Sense Of  Humour

"My crush likes someone else and it hurts" Yes, it is but losing your sense of humour around him/her would make the matter worse. You just have to keep being witty and funny no matter what. Cracking jokes and smiling often might help. 

Every time I see peers trying to give dating advice to themselves telling each other they need to get serious once found a crush like someone else, I shake my head at how backwards that advice is. We don't do that, it's a trap. 

Being positive, witty and funny is the best thing to do on How To Make Someone Addicted To You it works like magic, trust me on that one. Those who implementing it always win the game. Take advantage of that. 

6. Look For Other Best Alternatives

I am going to tell you a secret that is going to help you tremendously with crushes. Don't try to invest a lot of your time and energy trying to force things to work out. Once you found the person you wish to attract is not giving you the same energy, UNPLUG. 

I have said this before and I will say it again that, time and wave wait for no man. If the energy is unmatched, look for another alternative. There are so many amazing crushes out there, expand your vision and develop a mind of abundance. 

Marianne Williamson once said " The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts" And I really can't stress this enough. 

Final Thoughts:

The idea of "my crush likes someone else and it hurts" is totally frustrating and leaves you with a massive amount of regrets but that doesn't have to stop you, you are better than that. Life is a game of chances and mistakes, don't be afraid to take chances and get rejected, that's how you can truly grow.