What is keyword Research With Example? The Beginner's Guide

Ranking your website on top of Google doesn't need rocket science.

However for you to properly do so you absolutely need a solid SEO foundation. 

With SEO google will easily crawl, index and rank your website in just a few weeks. 

You don't need to create content blindly. SEO will help you to have a clear guide on what to do.

Solid keyword research, proper On-page & Off-page SEO is what you need to master, 

Keyword research is your first foundation in dominating Google's SERPs. 

What' is keyword research with examples?

What needs to be done when picking keywords for your website?

Which tools do you need to use when finding the right keywords for your website?

Fear not, this awesome article got you covered.

It's going to give you all the proven details you need to have when picking the right keywords for your website. 

The idea that I am going to represent will have the quality to improve your SEO knowledge and help you to dominate Google top searches. 

Okay, let's get started. 


What's Keyword Research With Examples?

Well, before we have to get into detail about keyword research let's define what keywords are.

Keyword & Keywords:

A keyword by definition is just a phrase you would like your website to rank for in Google SERPs.

Keywords are simply words and phrases that people type into search engines like google and Bing to find what they are looking for. 

As I said, keywords are very vital because they set the entire foundation of SEO. You can't rank a website without them. Read that again. 

In fact, Google needs to see keywords in your web pages. This is why they are super important. Keywords are what help your web pages to be discovered by the internet which in turn they will bring you the needed traffic and conversions for your website. 

And of course, a keyword can be a single word or a combination of words. From this, we come to have mainly two types of keywords

  1. The Short-tail keywords
  2.  Long-tail keywords
Short tail keywords simply search terms made up of 1-3 words. They usually after broad (generic) topics than specific ones. 

Examples of Short Tail Keywords:

It includes words like:

  • Keto diet
  • Bedsheets
  • Eyelashes
  • Amazon 
Ranking a website with these kinds of keywords is very difficult simply because they are of higher competition and so many bigger authority websites dominate top searches with them. If your website has the small authority they are not for you. 

Also, short tail keywords are not suitable for you because they won't bring you qualified traffic due to their broadness (They are not specific).

Next is, 

The Long Tail Keywords

LTK to put it simply are those search terms that are made up of three up to five words (3-5). They are in a longer form than those short-tail keywords. And they are more specific than the latter. 

Examples of The Long Tail Keywords:

  • Keto diet reviews.
  • Amazon FBA Course for beginners.
  • Black Office chair under $200.
  • The Best Barber Shop in New York.
You see? These keywords are in a long term and they are very clearly due to their high level of specificity. 

If you really want to get success with SEO then you should never underestimate the power of Long tail keywords. You should always create your website' content around them since they are of a higher ROI. 

Long Tail Keywords are Very Useful Since:

  • They are easy to rank.
  • They are of low competition.
  • They are more specific. 
  • They have higher searcher intent.
We have already got an idea about what keywords are. Now let's see what keyword research is.

Keyword Research In SEO:

Simply means the process of finding the right keywords for your website. Since the goal of SEO is to bring you massive traffic to your website, keyword research is what you need to do to make that possible. 

It's extremely difficult to rank a website on Google without clear data that's why you can't overlook the aspect of keyword research. It's a vital process in SEO like oxygen to plants and animals. 

As a process, it involves:
  • Identifying the seed keyword.
  • Surveying it and coming up with the long-tail keywords variations.
  • Using different keyword research tools to get clear data. 
  • Applying Those keywords in your content creation.

The Powerful Keyword Research Strategies:

There is no single formula for generating a number of keywords for your website content. You can employ a different tactic to do so and still get positive results. Here are some of them.

Here is how to do keyword research:

1. Stealing Keywords From Your Competitors

Yes, there I said it. You can still keywords to use in your website from your competitors who are in the same niche. It pretty much works really well. To rank easy on Google you must always employ what we call SEO Competitive analysis. 

You can use different tools to help you get their keywords like Ahrefs, Moz and SEmrush. You should, however, consider some keyword difficulty stuff. 

2. You can Brainstorm Your Keyword Lists

By brainstorming your own master list you can generate a lot of keyword lists that are of high potential. Once you know what your seed keywords are then this should not be difficult for you. Start from there. It works, trust me. 

3. Take Advantage Of The Google Auto Suggest 

If you are not taking advantage of this tool then you leave huge potential keywords on the table. I have been able to get low hanging fruit for my websites that generate thousands of traffic from this tool. It's free. 

You just have to go to Google then type your seed keyword into the search bar then it will give you potential long-tail keyword variations for your website content. 

It’s useful since it gives you information from the words used by other people searching Google, during the past month.

The Google Auto Suggest

Keyword Research Tools That Can Help you To Do Better SEO

There are so many keyword research tools out there that can maximize your SEO efforts and out game your competitors. These tools will give you better insights and clear data to do what is needed to rank your website. 

Some Of The Best Tools include:
  • Moz
  • Ahrefs
  • Keyword Surfer
  • Google Keyword Planner

Keyword  Surfer

Is one of the keyword research tools as a free chrome extension developed by surfer SEO. This tool will help you to see search volume directly from the google search results. Reveals search data, keyword ideas and content ideas. 

It’s easy to run it, after installing it, activate the extension and run a keyword search on Google.

Google Keyword Planner

"Looking to find winning keywords to target but you don’t have the budget for paid tools? Well, Google keyword planner can be great for this.

You could enter any seed keyword and see tons of keyword suggestions, plus search volumes. (Joshua Hardwick, Head of content Ahrefs)"


Google keyword planner


Keyword research is still the first and foremost important aspect as far as SEO it's concerned. If you want to see your website dominate google searchers with massive traffic then you should never sleep on this. Do your research and write epic content. You will stand out.