How To Rank On Google First Page: 7 SEO Proven Tips

SEO Proven Tips

The whole point of having a website is to make sure it ranks on Google. 

No other way around it. 

Once you made a website and it is not visible on Google top searches...

Then all of your efforts are kind of meaningless. 

Your website needs to dominate Google's top searches with leaps and bounds. 

It needs to attract a lot of free organic traffic from Google.

You can make all these possible once it's on top there. 

How to rank on Google's first page? 

Fear not, this article got you covered. 

You absolutely need to implement some SEO-proven strategy to make it possible. 

I’m constantly asked:

“Jay, what’s the real goal of SEO?”


The goal of SEO is to optimize your website content to rank higher in Google organic Search Results And

Once you get there, you get:

More traffic, More sales, more leads, and more brand awareness to your Bog/Website.


The idea that I am going to represent here will improve your understanding and give you the proven ways needed to rank your website on the first page of Google. 


Tips On How To Be On Google Search Results

1. Do A Proper Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first and foremost aspect of any successful SEO project. You want to rank for the keywords your target audience is searching for. Google needs to see keywords on your page and these keywords must be visible to your users. 

Therefore, you should pick the right keywords and create content around it. Having your main keywords and related keywords in your content is a vital SEO strategy. 

You can use various tools in keyword research like Google Adwords, Moz, Ahrefs and Keyword surfer. 

One thing to insist though is you should always go for the long-tail keywords since are of less competition, higher search intent and much conversion. They will help your website rank easily. 

2. High-Quality Content

It's the next thing when it comes to how to rank on Google's first page. Content is always a king and the core of any SEO success. Your website needs content to stand out. Full stop.

To attract search engines like Google you need to populate your website with proper content. Your content needs to address matters people need to see. It has to provide solutions to the problems they have. 

The key is consistency, you need to publish regular and you should include at least 600+ words of original content. 

Also, your content needs to be well organized, well-formatted and should be organized from H1, H2 & H3. 

3. Don't Sleep With On-Page SEO

After you have lists of your targeted keywords next is to optimize your web pages for SEO. Optimizing your web content to rank higher on the search engines is what you really need to do when it comes to how to rank on Google's first page. 

With On-page SEO, Google will start picking up the keyword you want and it will highly improve your overall site performance. 

The most important technical On-Page SEO includes:

The Optimization of the followings:
  • Title tags
  •  Meta description
  • Short and descriptive URLs  
  • Images Optimizations 
  • Proper Keyword Placement 
  • Internal linking & Readability.  
One thing you really need to know is this, On-page SEO helps Google better understand your website. And that improves your site's rankings, which leads to more organic traffic. Don't sleep with On-Page SEO.

4. Embrace The Use Of Internal Links

Internal linking is a very critical component when it comes to how to rank on google first page. You have to embrace the use of internal links. What people don't realize is that you pass on ranking when you link to your own pages within your blog. 

Internal links are vital in helping users and search engines find your content. They are a very crucial part of any SEO project. Without links, your website is no man's land. Plant this idea in your head. 

Usually, use 2+ internal links per post, and always make sure you apply the correct anchor text to boost your web page rankings. I usually employ a link after every 230 words on a post. 

Internal linking example

5.  Take Advantage Of Guest Posting

Link building is the key part of any successful SEO project. When it comes to how to rank on the google first page your website needs links. Backlinks are the currency of the web. Once you acquire them you will start dominating Google SERPs. 

One of the effective ways to get those backlinks is through the use of guest posting. 

Guest posting is publishing an article on someone else’s website. You featured there and get your work out. Guest posting for other websites is an effective way to generate backlinks and increase SERPs rankings. 

6. Site Loading Speed

How fast or slow your site loads is another factor Google takes into account when deciding how it should rank your pages in the search results. Your website should be easy to access, the days of waiting impatiently for dial-up connections are gone. 

If your site load time is average, improving the load speed is an opportunity for an easy SEO boost. 40% of users will close a page if it doesn’t open in 3+ seconds also there is an average increase of 7% to the site conversion rate.

Tips on How To Improve Site Load Speed

  • Eliminate unnecessary images.
  • Reduce and compress your image sizes.
  • Cull your apps
  • Conduct an audit of your page speed
  • Reduce the number of redirects. 

7. Take into Account The User's Intent

Satisfying searcher intent is ultimately Google's number #1 goal. If you want to rank your web pages on google's first page then search intent needs to be a big part of your approach. 

The search intent describes the purpose of the online search. The reason why someone conducts a specific search. Then, if you understand what your users want and what their intent is when they are searching for certain keywords then you are in a business. 

It doesn’t matter if you are writing 25 articles a week but there is no benefit if those articles don’t go along with your audience. You should start creating content that aligns with searcher's intent.

Satisfying The Search intent


Ranking a website on top of Google is not even rocket science. Anyone can do it. The problem is people keep complicating the process while is very simple. SEO is not even that difficult. Once you apply the proven strategies we have mentioned here how to rank on Google's first page won't be your question. Ever.