How To Make Him Feel Special In A Long Distance Relationship

How to make him feel special in a long distance relationship? 

Is that what you have been looking for? 

You have come to the right place! 

But before we delve into deep let me something you already know...

We are in an age where long distance relationships are much more dominated than at any other time in history. 

Advancements in educational facilities, work environment and lifestyle choices have all made this possible. Lovers have found themselves in the midst of very distant miles, million miles from each other. 

The biggest challenge however has been on how to make them work and for women has been how to make him feel special in a long-distance relationship. 

Challenges are normal things for any relationship but in our today's article, our main centre of discussion will focus on the positives. We will focus on the build-up

I hope you are ready, are not you? Okay. Here we go

How to Make Your Partner Feel special in a Long Distance Relationship

1. Stay Real and Committed

This is the best gift you could ever give him. You have to stay real and have sheer commitment. He needs to see it with actions. You have to be all in and step in to make sure the relationship works.

Be committed to making sure everything goes accordingly. Men feel special once they recognize they have someone who is very committed. It really works when it comes to How To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You In A Long Distance Relationship

I have seen most long distance relationships fail to work simply due to the absence of commitment. For him to feel special have that commitment. He will feel special and you are going to have a very nice ride.

2. Don't Sleep On Sending Him Gifts

The majority of long distance relationship couples constantly think that when they are distant apart then some other catalyst which makes the relationship healthy should stop. No, that is backward priorities. 

You should treat your partner in a very special way like you guys are living in the same room. Send him surprises as much as you can. Gifts are important. He keeps feeling better and better

We are not talking about having more money here, small stuff could make a big difference. You can buy nice trousers for him or a nice shoe and surprise him with that stuff. 

It works, believe me. Making him feel special in along distance relationship is not rocket science as you might think. Little stuff still matter.  You can see how important it is in this article 

More importantly, these gifts should sometimes be sent on his special days let's say on his birthday. If you ask me how to make him feel special in a long distance relationship on his birthday then I would strongly recommend this point here. Gift gift gift!!

3. Take Advantage of Technology

If you ask me the biggest reason why most long distance relationships are head underwater then this would be my straight response, Partners don't fully take advantage of modern technology. Full stop.

Like am always keep saying here, this generation has been so much blessed, man! everything is in our hands now. Video calls, voice notes, zoom you name it. 

These kinds of stuff were not around just 20 years ago. The University of Nevada did a comprehensive study on the Advantage of Technology in Relationships and shows the way how the internet has levelled up the playing field in relationships.

Technology killed distance, zero excuses. I don't see why not couples can't have healthy relations while we are in a very blessed era. My message to you? well, it's pretty simple, you just go the extra mile and start using the internet creatively. 

Call that man, make a video meeting with him while you are in your nightdress, arouse his sexual desire and always give him nice words to uplift his loneliness. You can even play a video game with him, it's just possible. Send him those sexual texts, texts to make him miss you long distances.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

4. Demonstrating a High Level of Maturity

Since we all know that long-distance relationships are of great turbulences and emotional disturbances then being someone who demonstrates a higher level of maturity will be such an unfair advantage to your partner. 

You don't need to be someone with impulsive emotions. No, that will be a red flag to that fella.

You have to make decisions based on clear logic and not emotions, you have to be his main advisor when comes to life matters, and be mature in a sense he will always come back to you whenever he needs life advice. This aspect pays the highest dividend.  Many women out there lack this. Beat them with this quality.

5. You Should Respect His Life Structure

There is nothing that will give you a boost to your man like this one, always respect his life structure and daily routines. Being distant apart doesn't mean you should always check him after every 5 seconds.

 If you have this kind of behaviour then let's have a moment of silence for you! that's a red flag

If you are here seeking how to make him feel special in a long distance relationship then the direct response will always be, that you should respect his routine. 

Give him some personal space to do other stuff in life, he is a human being, and let him socialize. Don't check him after every second, you will create unnecessary tension. Know his timetable and check him accordingly. It will be a very nice relationship, ever.

6. Level up Yourself in Life

Like I have just said there, being in a relationship doesn't mean you should be constantly concerned with it 24/7. No, it doesn't work like that. 

As a person, you should create a space for yourself as well and do some other brilliant stuff. The goal is to elevate yourself as well. Sadly men and women forget this while it's very important. 

What should you do? well, it's pretty simple. Go to the gym and work on your body structure, start reading awesome books, and without forgetting to do some meditations. This stuff pays the highest dividends, You really need them as a person.

Once you man noticed that you are someone who is very ambitious and ahead of your peers he will automatically start feeling very special. Who doesn't like to get associated with a progressive person? None. 


People thinking make long distance relationships work someone' needs a rocket science degree! while it's completely the opposite. You just need some proper strategy like we have mentioned that anyone can do it and start to experience positive outcomes.

As I have also said, we are so blessed to be in this era where technology killed the distance pain with a lot of discoveries which still keep lovers closer. Good luck with your journey, I hope it will be worth it in the end.