5 Things That Make a Relationship Work (Complete Guide)

 Just in case you were asking those 5 things that make a relationship work,

 let me tell you this, I have very good news for you. 

We have them here and they all do work like magic!

 As someone with a very thick skin in this game of dating advice I am going to show you those brilliant ways and once you will read them carefully, 

You will just become unstoppable.

To be in a healthy relationship seems like rocket science nowadays. I have seen countless folks struggling with theirs, Others decide to break it up, others decide to keep going in a state of turmoil. 

I feel sad to break it to you but it's true.

Once I asked them what really happened, mostly kept saying they were not impressed with their partner's ways. I feel sad after that but I have absolutely no control sometimes

Eva Gabor was right: 

"Love is a game that two can play and both can win."

Her point (Eva) exactly is a presence of collective responsibility. For it to work perfectly then both have to do the work. When two parties get involved effectively it's hard for a relationship not to work. Impossible. 

Okay, let's now go straight to our main topic of discussion 

How To Make A Relationship Lead To Marriage


If you ask me why the 21-century relationships are in major trouble and in a state of despair, I will tell you with the bold statement that, most are made up of uncommitted partners. It doesn't work like that.

For any relationship to work effectively then commitment is non-negotiable. I have to be there day and night. You are dealing with a human being, he/she is going to mess up a lot along the way. Guaranteed. If you have no commitment it will hardly work.

If you are out here finding how to make the relationship strong with a boyfriend, my message to you is very straight, have sheer commitment. Show him/her that you are in that relationship for solid reasons and you are for the long-term game playing. You are ready to go. 

Have Respect

Even the world's greatest relationship expert can't save a relationship where couples have no respect for each other. Without real respect you can't make it work, you just can't. It's a red flag. I can't stress this enough, make sure you swallow your ego and instincts. 

Once you will start respecting each other, you will automatically start planning what is clear for both of you and how you can build something iconic from your relationship. Respect will fill many gaps and open many positive doors that will keep your relationship stronger and healthy. 

In my lifetime I have never seen a healthy relationship where the couple doesn't embrace the presence of respect. Never.

Have a Set Of Standards

I have seen many relationships fail to prosper due to this, partners have no set of standards and rules whatsoever hence they treat their relationship as business as usual kind of a thing. It doesn't work like this. 

There must be clear rules and standards for partners. Speaking On How To Make A Man Fall in Love With You having a proper standard will give you a very unfair advantage.

Once there will be a clear set of standards of what is needed and not then things will start to work smoothly. Partners have to know what is needed to keep going and what is not. You should have your own standards of which he/must go with it. 

Lovers enjoying a good moment together

A Sheer Trust Is A Must

Do you know what feels really good? I will tell you, have a partner who is totally committed to you. Do you know what else feels really good? it feels great to wake up every day with a partner who has absolutely TRUST in you. Priceless.

Believe me, when partners have sheer trust in each other in their relationship, there is nothing that can set them apart. If you ask me what are the 3 most important things in a relationship then trust will be up there, no doubt. 

When there is no trust it will be very easy for misunderstandings to occur due to the presence of doubts which will be created through guessing. When your partner is out you will always be in a state of uncertainty, hundreds of calls, and texts, It won't work like that. 

Presence Of  A Sense Of  Humor

I have said it before and I will say that again, Nobody wants to date a robot. I can't stress this enough. Don't take life too seriously, accept jokes and laugh if you can. If I could sum up the feeling of why most nowadays relationships don't work it is this, partners are way too serious. 

Too many couples these days are too serious. That is boring. In a famous article on How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You In 10 Days the importance of having a good sense of humour is well explained. 

Always remember you are in love not war so make your partner feel confident and secure. Laugh with him/her, and share those jokes as much as you can. If you ask me those common 5 things in an unhealthy relationship then the absence of a sense of humour will be up there. 

Communication is Must

As a dating coach during my time, I have interviewed countless couples, those who were on good and bad terms. And whenever I asked them what could be the main reason for them to be on good terms almost all mentioned communication. Positive communication will do more good to your relationship than any other self-help book ever will. 

Hundreds of failed relations could easily be solved with positive communication. Make sure you communicate with your partner in a very positive way. Always don't raise your voice just raise your calmness

Positive communication doesn't mean you have to be a Yes person, No. You can argue when it matters and you can respectfully disagree when it's needed. The goal should be solving not breaking it. So, positive is among those 5 things that make a relationship work.

Unquestionable Transparency 

Ask anyone on this planet what are the 3 most important things in a relationship there is no way he/she not to put transparency in brackets. Partners who are not embracing the spirit of transparency have no future, they soon break up. Sorry to burst that bubble with you but it's true.

If you can't be comfortable with your phone when you are with your partner then find another business to do, a healthy relationship is not for you. If you always hide your feelings and you don't like to share them with your partner, forget about a healthy relationship.

Transparency is what makes a good relationship list and will always be the main necessary component for any relationship to work, I can't stress this enough.


In a large part of our article, we were just trying to mention those important components needed to make a relationship work, of course, they do but as always you are dealing with a human being, he/she is unpredictable.

My message to you here is this, just try your best to see if they can help you in your relationship and once you see they don't please don't get burned to rescue a partner who is not ready to be rescued. Chill, take a deep breath and see what life has to offer for you in a near future.